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The NexNeuro system is a multi-sensory relaxation system that combines vibroacoustics and music to induce the
“Relaxation Response“ by providing audio & tactile stimulation to the mind and body. We offer 20, 30, and 60 minutes sessions, with several selections to choose from within each time length.

This therapy delivers natural stimulants in a passive & non-evasive process which exercises the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing cells of the body and brain to a healthy state. The sessions incorporate vibroacoustics (the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body) with music therapy and brain entrainment. Each session is composed of a mixture of tones, frequencies & binaural beats to stimulate the natural healing capabilities within the body.

NexNeuro’s mission is to extend the mobility of patients with neurological disorders and move their bodies into a state that may reduce their reliance on life-long medication. The NexNeuro can also benefit a wide variety of people, from the healthy to those who suffer from sleep disorders, stress, & depression, to name just a few. Expected results include:

  • Full & peaceful night’s sleep
  • Reduces generalized anxiety
  • Decreases muscle tension & headaches
  • Relieves pain & spasms in muscles & joints
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Produces passive calming effect
  • Develops stress tolerance & improves stress resiliency
  • Increases serotonin production through the relaxation response
  • Enhances overall mood